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I may be afraid to let go, but I do not need to be guided by my anxiety. (Annemarie Postma, The Deep Secret)

Edelsteen therapie After my work as Logistics Manager I have after 18 years I chose to follow my natural. I have done the following courses. Sensi training, show a Intuitive training, gemstone course and if last the Sensi Plus training. When I was in my training as a 2010 Sensi Plus Therapist have rounding, and my practice now turned away from 2009, remained there for me many question marks are open. Unfortunately, there were at that time no possibilities to follow such a course or to resolve these questions went. So there was no option but to investigate this matter and see what I discovered and could solve. And I can now say that it worked. Sit still is, however, nothing for me, so the developments are still on. Meanwhile, I started training as a parapsychologist. My mission is to get as far as possible to look at the whole man. Also called Holistic. I would like to enter into cooperation with the regular circuit, to broaden the depth of the possibilities. Much is not visible what is physically, and I want to unhide that invisible with my knowledge for the regular circuit so that the person behind the help question can be better helped. The whole man exists outside of a physical body also from an Astral and a causal body. My knowledge is all surfaces, on my field. In am able by my intuitive possibilities to figure out why there is a blockage in the physical body that Astral or causal fed. Only Astral or causing problems is not always sufficient, your body is now once out of multiple bodies and will need to be balanced in all areas. Just by my knowledge and common sense to link with my intuitive powers and possibilities, I look at the whole man. Without addition of resources in any form whatsoever. I use only my hands. I treat at this time about the 250 clients per year. With a result of 97% satisfaction after treatment. The therapies that I give we can divide into five key elements:

  • Binding fears, further information under Binding fear.
  • Paranormal Healing, further information under paranormal.
  • Energetic Therapy, further information under energetic.
  • Inner child/reincarnation, further information under child.
  • Spiritual coaching, further information under spiritual.

Are you interested in one of these forms of therapy or in one of the workshops, please contact us via the contact page. My Therapy practice is located at Nelissenstraat 26, 5351 BS Berghem..

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