Spiritual Coaching

Between know and believe is experience and courage.

(Anne marie Postma, The Deep Secret)

Spiritual sides can save you a lot on developing yourself spiritually in your State for me emotional world. A whole quest because we as humans are so used to in our thinking. And grateful. The choices we make are deliberate and intellectual reasons and yet we see all too often that it doesn’t run as we actually had desired.

Also, there is often fear to undergo the spiritual awakening. Because it can give you a lot of unwanted symptoms. See herefor more information under the link: spiritual awakening.

By understanding of influences coming from the unconscious relate to our daily lives. You can see where the blockages are located and affect our thinking. And what the most important thing is what choice do you have to deal with it otherwise.

This is everything you learned in your spiritual development.

These workshops are given in different pieces. To look at the medicine wheel workshop than you’ll get to see how your life cycle runs through the day, through your life, where are bottlenecks and what features you have inherited from your parents. And what is not irrelevant is how all of these things affect your life in the now. To get by this awareness and feel you can choose what you want to or wants to change. It’s your process when you walk and walk. You choose very consciously.

At the workshop Angel-Live you get the opportunities and the backgrounds of my search explained. To do this, you will have to be in a position to able to feel things, for people who in their main life this workshop not suitable, because it is written out and given purely on intuition.

Would you like more information pressure equally on the icon here of spiritual coaching and read the opportunities out there in this area.