Spiritual awakening

1. Changing Sleep Patterns:
Restlessness, hot feet, two or three times to wake up per night, all kinds of tingling feeling in your body during the night. For others, the slaapbehoefte reduced and they have less sleep.
We know it all, turn, lie awake, not asleep. Woke up several times in the night. However, we think not always that it is also a spiritual cause. 

2. Activity at the height of the crown chakra:
Tingling, itching, crawling sensation on the skin of the head and along the spine. This is an opening of the crown chakra, which is open to higher energies.
Also, this whole thing is many people, here again the unconscious operation of our body. Great that we are now aware.

3. Sudden waves of emotions:

Sudden crying; suddenly angry or sad without reason; an inexplicable depressed mood feel that turns into a happy feeling. (emotional rollercoaster).
Our consciousness is getting wider, and that brings emotions, sometimes violent emotions and the road to find where it’s coming from difficult, but worth seeking out. It helps you in your growth of consciousness.

4. Old trauma or old energies come to the surface:
Old pains and wounds bubbling to the top, and the people with whom you these themes to appear again in your life, while you are not more of them had heard of it. Emotional restrictive cords and feelings of bitterness and resentment to ask to be unleashed.
This is often a combination of the sudden waves of emotions. Why is it on your path, what can you do, what you can with it. Many questions that expect an answer.

5. Changes in weight:

The one wins in a big weight, while the other a lot of weight to lose. This has to do with the release/hold of emotional patterns. Body weight is largely connected with our hormone levels which, in turn, by the emotions is sent.
Who does not eat, to the emotions to be able to act, or not to eat because the emotions too much bother. Our body reacts to this. And then comes the question, what do you want for yourself?

6. Changes in diets:

Sometimes very weird food choices. You can suddenly meaning in things that you would never eat. Eating habits are also largely connected with the emotional swings you are going through. Your body responds to it, no need, salt, sweet, bitter. That this emotionally literate I think you directly. A more awareness that work can and should do.

7. Food intolerances and allergies that you never had before:
The more you yourself open for higher energies, the more sensitive your energy system will be. Your body is telling you no longer need or what you no longer need. Food intolerance and allergies can have many causes. The art is to find out where they will be fed, where are the emotions that play an important role.

8. Changes of the vision:
Sometimes blurred vision, seeing a glare, colors, or aura around objects, plants, animals and people. If you are closing the eyes, see you not longer darkness, but a kind of redness. Some see geometric figures, flashes of light, bright colors or images of objects as they close their eyes. Colors are more “lively” observed. Like the sky is bluer and the grass seems more vivid green. While you are sensitive, you can shapes or contours observe in the room, especially if it is almost dark. These are often your guides, angels, or other non-material entities. For most of us is given where we have a ‘fear’ to have and to ask ourselves whether it is called ‘where’ is what we ” see”.

9. Changes of the hearing:
You can be very sensitive to all kinds of sounds. They sometimes appear to be much sharper, almost unbearable. Other symptoms include hearing strange sounds, beeps or electronic patterns. Some hear something like the sound of rushing water, the hum of bees, crying or ringing sounds. Others hear strange voices in their dreams, as if there is someone next to them. Your ears are adjusting to higher frequencies.
You can see this in many of our children, that they scare or are afraid of loud noises. They store their hands to their ears or go inconsolable crying. Sometimes you may indeed hear that another does not hear or experience, then come back unbelief forward to yourself, however, you must know that not everyone can hear what you hear or see what you see.

10. Increased taste and tastgewaarwordingen:
Some of the chemical additives in food smell and taste like a bad taste. You smell and taste sharper and more can enjoy food that is more life force. It seems like you have a bigger “range”. Even the smell of flowers, a short distance away by some very lively be observed. The smell, or taste is also one of the many skills you as a highly sensitive person can have. Here also, the same approach, not everyone has that gift equal to the other. Every human being is Unique.

11. Energy bursts through the skin:
Skin eruptions, pimples, acne, hives, or shingles, also connected to the emotional swings that you experience. As you the emotional body uitzuivert (forgiveness, letting go of old resentment, anger, or frustration, etc…) you will notice that the skin calmer will be.
Very often, there are still unprocessed emotions, which also fear is accompanied to let go, this is a given that layer by layer removed. The depth, sometimes this takes a lot of time and sometimes this of itself.

12. Periods of intense energy to make sure that you get out of your bed can jump and in full action can shoot:

This can then be followed by moments of great lethargy or fatigue. These periods are usually related to the infusions of higher frequencies in a certain period of time.
Every person has this piece of great fatigue to die of energy.

13. Changes during the pray or meditate:

Many people find that they are not easily more focus during meditation. Others leave the “mandatory” meditate gradually release because life itself more and more a living, spontaneous meditation is.
A meditation can be done in many different ways, some people want to have here really a rest time for himself to the depth that they need to have complete rest to experience.. Others do this in a manner of speaking, between the soup and the pudding. Every human being is to fill in this for himself in, what is for you the most convenient and fits the person you are.

14. Sudden heat or cold emotions:

Suddenly you feel the heat coming up from head to toe. Others get it suddenly, inexplicably cold (goose bumps). The are manifestations of intense energy that the body roll in. 
By this movement, our body, emotions that are still present in our body are, and the things float to the top where we are.

15. Physical symptoms or discomfort:

Neck pain
Back pain
Flu-like symptoms
Changes in the digestive system
Muscle spasms or cramps
Increased heart rate ; borstpijnen
Changes in sexual needs
Stiffness or pain in the limbs
Pains are signals that we are allowed to change, any sickness or pain has an emotional background. If you have the background to know and be aware of your choice here you may continue on the quest for redemption. What do you want with it.

16. Look younger:

With the release of old emotions and limiting beliefs from the past, do you feel you are literally lighter in your skin. Make roads is not so hard and you start to look younger and more vital.
Who doesn’t know them, beliefs, judgments, convictions, that hang out in your system. You have helped to survive, through many lifetimes. By the awakening do not apply them in your system and must release them and become visible and can you make the choice to other doors open.

17. Vivid dreams:
Sometimes the dreams are so “real” that you are confused wake up. You can even lucid dreams ( this means that you are conscious that you are dreaming of) you’re itself steers and controls. Some dreams can mystical messages. In some cases, you will know that you are actually not “dream”, but that you had the experience in other dimensions or spheres. 
A strange sensation as you feel.

18. Events that you live a very different turn:

Deaths, divorce, job change, diseases and dramatic circumstances. Sometimes they come and do all at the same time. It is a period of letting go of old ties and attachments and learn to rely on your Own. It also signals that you want to open for the feelings of love and compassion for all. 
As a human being, this is one of the most difficult areas that you can overcome, in spite of everything, in faith and light.

19. A desire to break free from restrictive structures:
A strong urge you to release of “boring”, restrictive jobs, people, or situations. You have a tremendous need for “time” and the search of your passion. You want to be creative, and you no longer tyres want to impose by others. The need for more introspection and-only and are less interested in all kinds of social activities, parties, etc..
You know as a human being feel ‘trapped’ in ‘something’ or this is now your job or in your family, it can get pretty busy. Know, however, that in spite of this feeling is the possibility of you are free to make of this ballast, this does not in sheer force of this can be in love for the other. By being honest and keep to yourself and the other person.

20. Creative bursts:

You get all kinds of images and ideas, often at a high pace. It sometimes seems that you don’t have time to get all of your ideas, to work out.
There are currently so many things that are fun and wait on the impact that you almost can’t wait for this to happen.

21. You have the feeling that time goes faster:

Your perception of “time” is modified due to the higher vibrations.
Time flies, it is said, however, you must know also that you yourself this time so let fly, you can, through your own effort, the time, use the time that you need, you only need to ask and it is given to you in the time you need.

22. Feelings of despair:

As you connect with the unity consciousness can waves of despair you wanted if you make too much attention to the conflicts and disharmony in the world.
Improve the world, start with yourself, it is saying that we all know. This is also a truth, we can try the whole world to change, but by us to change, the world is slowly with us. This is more than you in the middle of the world and you disharmony and conflicts develop.

23. Feelings of impatience:

As you grow in knowledge and wisdom grows, know and you’ll see more than those who have not yet awoken.. You, she would like to help, but doesn’t eat a lot of resistance, and unbelief. Also, you will experience impatience because your intentions or goals as quickly as possible. Surrender to the Divine Timing…
This also counts again, everyone has their own vibration its own rhythm, please respect this and you will see that with the flow.

24. The feeling that you are here at all does not belong to:

You start you so “different” to feel that you sometimes get the idea that there is no one else that you understand. You are a precursor to the masses, and that may give you the feeling of being an “outsider”. Sometimes you get a strong desire to return to “home”. This feeling fades as the relationship with your Self on the first place, and be prepared yourself on earth to manifest.
Do you know this feeling from a different planet? The great loneliness that it gives you. 
By yourself, the willingness to give you to manifest in your own, gives you peace of mind.

25. Feeling that you need to “mourn” because of the old with you:
A disturbing sensation that everything in your life as “different” and new feels that the old have left behind. It looks a bit like ‘die’.
You can also see it as a transformation, like a butterfly made of an egg, larf, caterpillar to a butterfly.

26. People and things appear at the perfect moment:
People, books, movies, synchronous events and occurrences come at the right time to get you back a little push in the back. Some people seem negative, but on a deeper level is always positive intended.
The opposition that you feel, what can I do with it, sometimes it is better to have two steps back instead of walk.. Sometimes it is so that we of our path, and then there are those who help us to find our way back to find and grab on to. It looks like the opposition, however, is a gift which you later view it.

27. Physical disorientation:

Sometimes you may find yourself very unfounded feel. You will ‘spatial be challenged by the feeling that you both legs on the ground, or that you have between two worlds. While your consciousness is the transition into the new energy, your body sometimes behind. Spend more time in nature to the new energy in yourself better grounds. This will also pass.
You know this feeling, not with both legs on the ground, physically you stand there, but energetic, you can not. Then there is work to be done. Slowly and surely you can trust in the Earthly lot. Slowly but surely, you are allowed to earth.

28. Conversations with Yourself:

You will notice that more often with the talking. Suddenly you realize that you are the last 30 minutes of chatting, if you have been with your Self. There is a new level of communication with your being, and you will experience only the tip of the iceberg in respect of these ‘conversations with Yourself’. The calls will increase, this will go smoother gradients, more coherent and more insights. You’re not going crazy, you’re going to the New Energy.
Zelfgesprekken that sometimes lead to discussions with yourself. We know them, they are beautiful, difficult and sometimes very confrontational. They will help you, however, also the ‘truth’ to get to know.

29. Feelings of loneliness that are related to the fact that your guides left are:

They are with you on all of your travel in all of your incarnations. But now is the time that they retire, to make room so that you can fill with your own divinity. This goes also beyond. The emptiness inside you will be filled with the love and energy of your own Christ Consciousness.
A strange feeling, a great emptiness happens to you. It seems like nothing more wrong in your life. Know, however, if you have the consciousness fills described that there is another way of protection comes into your life.

30. Visions, numbers, and symbols perceive:
Seeing all kinds of symbols or numbers that are suddenly popping up in your consciousness or in the external world. Many see, for example, regularly 11:11 and when she “accidentally” on their digital clock or a watch, or any other numbers such as 22, 33, 555, etc… These numbers serve as a subconscious trigger for a deeper awakening. They contain hidden meanings that on a subconscious level.
The numbers that you see can be found as engelengetallen or engelenboodschappen. The meaning, you can in many ways be found in books and on the internet to search.

31. Electrical and mechanical failures:
Light bulbs flicker, computers, give more frequent failures, radio frequencies fall just go away, etc… because of the fluctuating energy fields.
If your energy is changed, and you send things there can be other to react to it, just as well as people respond to your mood, it also responds to the technical track on your vibration.

32. Deeper communication with the plants and animals:
Because of the love and inner peace more increases, wild animals and less afraid for you. Plants to answer all your love and attention more than ever. Some animals or plants have a message for you. You’re on your way to a plant and dierenfluisteraar to be.
You’ll be amazed by what they tell you and that you can understand. It is the language from the heart.. 
This understand everyone and everything that lives on earth.

33. Faster manifestation of your intentions:

By an increase reduces the time between the places of intentions and the manifest. You become more aware that you are a creator of your own reality.
This gives a whole responsibility, you are a creator, you are a manifesteerder. You can create things. With this awareness can also fears come to the surface. Fear for your forces.

34. Cardiac arrhythmia due to a further opening of the heart chakra:
The heart puts himself in a new balance after an emotional scavenging. Usually, these disorders are innocent. . (These complaints visit always a doctor to rule out that there is something wrong) 
When our hearts are many chakras which play a major role in our emotional lives. These blockages can be very deep to be present in our system


35. Faster hair and nail growth:
There are more protein converted in the body. 
By the sales of a lot of protein, the body can complaints.

36. Reminders to country, or previous lives:

Repressed memories of past or parallel lives may suddenly appear in function of the overall integration of sub-personalities.
Previous lives still carry a lot of memories that are linked to emotions, we call this deja-vus moments.

37. The left hemisphere of the brain seems to be less and less to operate:
The left side of your brain that state for policy, planning, logical thinking, analytical capabilities, evaluations, reviews, etc… is on lower priority to the right hemisphere of the brain to stimulate stands for psychic abilities, spatial see, the feeling of compassion, seeing colors and energies, intuitively know, etc…. This often results in impairment of memory, the words are not so good to find, the inability to long to read, difficulties with the linear forms of communication (written or spoken). Sometimes you can feel yourself what dulled and you have absolutely no sense in discussions or right/wrong calls. On the other hand, you seem to be more attracted to, videos, magazines with photos, beautiful works of art, music, painting, dancing, colors, gardening or other kinesthetic forms of expression. 
By this change, we can also say that we beelddenkers. We see this property is already often in people with Dyslexia.

38. Loss of passion:

You can fully ongepassioneerd feel, where you have little or no sense to have to do something. That is OK and it is just part of the process. Use this time to ” something ” to do (“do No-thing’). ‘m not going to fight with yourself, because this too will pass. It looks like a reboot of your computer. It is necessary to yourself just to ” turn off ” for a short time to the new advanced software to install, or new ‘Christuszaad’energy.
You can also see it as the night, the rest that is necessary is to get all no we’ve seen and learned to handle. Sometimes it takes that night, several hours and for some it takes a daze. This is not bad, just let it there, it is necessary for things to be able to process and not everyone has as much sleep, so also in this piece will for each of us are different.

39. Detox symptoms:
At this time the physical body to be most affected and feel many physical symptoms of pain in the low back, disturbed digestive systems take and symptoms of detoxification. Then this will all calm down and the body will the new energy system, just be and advantage start to pick up.. You let the old patterns and memories regardless of how the physical body would have to operate and the changes so that you have a higher vibration and more light and energy can hold.
Also this is a process and takes time, give it the space to get used to the vibration that is still so ‘different’ feel for you.

40. Kundalini experiences:
Kundalini is a Sanskrit word, which is “rolled up” means. It refers to the energy that traditionally, three-and-a-half times rolled up is located at the base of our spine. This energy, which in most people unconsciously remains, is, in fact, our greatest strength, creativity and awareness. Kundalini is working in everyone and flowing slightly always by our body. People who have a spiritual awakening as a result of the further opening of the kundalini strong waves of joy and gratitude that is expanding all over the body.
Sometimes people are consciously to activate it, are careful with this. It can cause a lot of damage if your body has not yet been set for this information.