Medicine wheel 1 and 2:

It consists of the introduction of the medicine wheel and the influence that it has in our daily lives. Understanding of these influences and thus get more knowledge in our decisions and our States of mind. The Indians in former times and also in the present, used this form of knowledge for a long time. this knowledge brings us back to nature, back to the beginning to understand how we determine our lives and where our bottle necks or what we can do to get it resolved. We use what theory and, of course, practice, where a large medicine wheel which stood outside stand for his services. 

This course consists of 2 days. Costs are a total of 160,-incl. lunch at noon. This course is taught with a connecting time of 14 days between the 1st and 2nd day. 

Medicine wheel 3:

This is a sequel to the introduction, we’re going at this workshop even deeper in the matter, the basic do you know and now we’ll see what we can and so can do. This knowledge go beyond just what curriculum to work indoors. The depth in, that is the form we use and the previous knowledge we have accumulated, we are completely private. By using a large medicine wheel what is here you can experience what a certain place directly on the does to you and what you can and should do, go where the bottlenecks are and what you should and can. This day will be mostly from practice, a small piece of theory is given. As I now can estimate there will be a 2nd day to even deeper to discover the matter and your self heal deep beliefs and deep emotions that are stuck in your body and aura layers that we carry with us. So we come to souls goals and the command that we have taken on us in this life. 

This course consists of 2 days. The costs are a total of 160,-incl. lunch between to afternoon. This course is taught with a connecting time of 14 days between the 1st and 2nd day. 

Angel-Live Therapy 1:

I have long thought about it and I would like to go. How does the Angel-Live therapy in total, what do you have it takes and how can you enter this in your daily life. Over the years I have collected many things and slowly there are also different techniques and possibilities that can be used to detect and view complaints. 
This can according to your sensitivity evolved so also much wider and wider. I want to get my transfer knowledge and learn the possibilities out there. Your sensitivity is something different for every human being and that is something to be otherwise, do not take away that you still can work with the techniques at Angel-Live. 
Are you the person who wants to further deepen this then you’re very welcome. 

This course will be given in 8 days to start with. You learn the introduction of the possibilities. 
And of course all the materials and solutions of the given pieces you. 
The costs are total for 8 days of class 800,-incl. lunch at noon. This course is taught with a connecting time of 14 days between classes in. With the exception of vacation times can here a difference in it.