Reincarnation therapy

The Pearl of happiness can be found in the core of who you are.

(Anne marie Postma, The Deep Secret)

Inner child therapy I am further plunged to the depths in people an even better service. I noticed that, past lives (reincarnation/regression) part is that in the everyday life of people long. Our inner child, pregnancy in our mothers and past lives are the principles in which I could find a lot of information.

Diseases resulting from past lives. Feelings associated with pregnancy in our mothers. Emotions that still sit at events in our present life and from the distant past.

By understanding the process of reincarnation (regression)/Innerlijke child and to apply it and to make things clear in the here and now, which is linked, you can consciously choose to let go of things. The choice is yours what you want, you keep making own choices in this. I notice that often our inner child in unbalanced by emotional events. This is to restore, by awareness you can for yourself to help make the choice to this child in balance. 
The child may see you as a sponge that soaks up everything to use it when his or her development to adulthood. By negative experiences can there be in this development a blockage occur and the child is shutting down itself. That gives an emotion that lingers in your system. And by the adult man can be yours if you have been unable to find needed the wholeness to your path. You can only change this, using the possibilities we go looking for the recovery of this child also called inner child. This is a short summary of a large whole.

I am also looking in to the source. Often I have to so far back to get everything resolved. No problem would you say. But this requires the necessary care, because the physical body does not always ready for this confrontation. I’m going to carefully here and if I feel that the body has enough, there will be a follow-up appointment are required to clean up the remains.

Again, you decide the choice in what do you want to achieve.