Binding Fear

I may be afraid to let go, but I do not need to be guided by my anxiety.

(Anne marie Postma, The Deep Secret)

Every man know the drill, called the binding fears, also known as attachment disorders, which are translated into everyday life as something that we cannot heal or cure. We are sometimes just scared to make a connection, awareness. There are several reasons why you may find that you just cannot connect, on the way for your good. This can, however, also in this life by causes by causes that have arisen in previous lives. We know a five right now with many strings on 4 levels where they can be connected. If the correct connection not made this can give quite a lot of imbalance in your life.

If we get complaints then we’ll only look at where it comes from and sometimes you can give a name and yet it doesn’t really feel all that not feeling well.

The symptoms:

  • you like to keep control
  • you hold tight to your own opinion
  • you often say: yes, but you …
  • you feel lonely
  • not understanded
  • frustrated
  • you’re absolutely fed
  • you have low self-esteem
  • you often have low back pain

By Binding fear we get mostly to do with only negative connections. Negative connections often lead to a busy, chaotic world. The feeling trapped trapped in structures and therefore play a major role business imposed. You’re fighting for your existence and want to come off of everything and everyone that you bind and fixed. By the search for the connection that this imbalance gives and where it is coming from you can choose what you need. Sometimes it’s just a matter of moving to your quiet feel.

A challenge in itself to make this quest and the underlying emotion that plays a role in this to get clear and resolve.

Where negative connections are, they can be broken or cleaned. Not always it is good to have a connection. Then it may only be cleaned.

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