Paranormal therapy

Giving and receiving elements are not two different things, but are essentially the same, they are two aspects of the energy flow of the universe.

(Anne marie Postma, The Deep Secret)

Paranormal healing consists of several parts where one can use. 
Yes what does paranormal healing. I will try to explain it. Everything consists of vibration. And because everything from vibration exists it is possible to a frequency change to take effect.

Now this sounds very difficult however, it is of great importance to the human who requesting help awareness of his or her opportunities out there just are.

Where does something come from, and why is it still there and what’s in it for me. 
These are questions that one may ask if there is a change made is going to be. 
We are people so often in our fear or other emotions, that we all doors shut them down before we have any since want to look at the options out there.

Here, We use often unconsciously many beliefs before, and that is fine, however, also knows that a conviction in your system that helps to survive, also close many doors and opportunities. And if you choose here is good, no one will then say to you that it otherwise. Are only aware of your capabilities.

With this type of therapy, we look at your survival strategies (beliefs), blockages (emotions) and we see if you need in your current situation, if not we are going to remove them by the vibration in your bodies to change. Call it but just as magnetizing. 

Below a small impression of the emotional background of diseases, described from the book of Christiane Babu: ‘ key to Self Liberation “.

When clicking the heading where you interests you can read the therapy form or further explanation reading what the therapy and disease is and what the possibilities are.

Interest, make an appointment and we go together looking for your command.