Burnout / Stress

Stress who doesn’t know it in his daily life. Almost everyone, but also our children suffering not only know the older daily here under. 
The underlying themes of stress are the result of an emotion. This emotion and the psychological background of this disease I will describe here so you know where is the origin of this phenomenon. 

This description comes from the book by Christiane Beerlandt. 

Burn-out: You would be so far ‘ by folds ‘ that you ‘ knee joint ‘ would creak. Bend you know so far by in life so you would bring to ‘ not? ‘You’re doing yourself pain; you’re hard on yourself. A withheld resistance. A insist, how much you would get caned, how many signals you too dies not, you know, despite stubborn wood full of your pain. A withholding and contents of energies, of information, of things you would say, inform, express better compared to your environment. But you dive into each other and doing yourself hurt, instead of quitting to chastise yourself. You know loves everything in, you swallow much, you swallow anything within and you refuse to bring out truth words sometimes. So why torture yourself? Why concealment where you feel speak to slices? Sales you know your soul, your health, you as much as possible to ‘ fill with things outside of yourself? To not really need to be yourself; afraid to be ‘ nothing ‘ outside of this work, or outside the fill with others, with things, people, with labor? As it were falling into a black hole? 
A kind of stubbornness, resistance to let go, even though you suffer below it: ‘ I want to and will not stop! ‘ You will be there and you would like to hold out until succumbs as A betrayal of yourself, of your heart, not only for fear of falling into a black hole, because otherwise you know actual values of yourself not yet acknowledge and possible are looking for in a work, make money, in recognition via your task, etc …… but also maintain at all costs ‘ possible ‘ to others not to be unfaithfulto help, to save, to others (so you think)………