Chronic disease

A chronic disease wants nothing more to say than a disease lasting longer than 3 months is present in the body and is seen as a disease that has no healing process.

Under a chronic illness fall many different forms. 
Note here from Diabetes to cancer. 
I will describe two diseases where I worked with in my practice, again the underlying emotions described from the book of Christiane Babu.

Diabetes, Diabetes, problems with blood sugar levels.

Your grief spiraling out of control; You can not grasp the happiness. An inner Vienna to warmth, love. You’d be there to intervene.
Himself as too small and powerless to reverse, by experienced and wish to be included in the sweet outside itself, in an energy flow of heat, given by others. But it can of course never be satisfied, as long as one finds himself worthless and one has to love the sweet itself, as long as one denies.

It lacks your courage, you experience you as helpless; you walk out in irritability and aggression, because others you don’t give you what you need. You try to grab everything to organize, arrange, with an inner feeling anxious, aggressive, your beliefs, which you have built your life, den that will make you feel that life is a sad poel is beautiful and that there is nothing for you to play and that, when you don’t own it seizes or attracts to you, life will give you nothing at all …..

You have absolutely no confidence in life; you realize, that not all sorrow and sad events in your life, were produced, so called by your negative beliefs. To be sure, have a little love to claw you stuck and do you find yourself often pain, by you to sacrifice in Exchange for a little bit of guidance in life, for example to a partner. Your life is as a prison. To set up your happiness dependent on a partner, by others …. Not by your self. This is correct your mistake; the luck can only start at you; come to love, in harmony with yourself and a delicious relationship will then follow. You live not on private foundations. There might have a country my…..: distrust to yourself


You exaggerate; you tilt to heavy loads; you think too much to be doing; you know proves yourself in tough actions, in spectacular endurance, in it as a martyr wearing many emotions. But finally you so know all too heavy and bag you go through, you have pain. 
You feel your inner small, but you would dream of great things; so you go in an atmosphere of unreality, you see the world around you no longer really as it is. Because your life and those around you not replying to you desires, all though you often enough will say what you want, with a critical finger, you will rather stop in your discontent, sad and disappointed, poisoning yourself with inward slamming powerless aggression and hearts pain.

The deepest cause of your problem is not with others, not at your unsatisfactory living conditions, but to yourself, you give yourself the warmth and love that you so need. You know gets negative living conditions to you because you’re convinced not to earn the love and happiness, because you’re convinced that a man is a victim of circumstances and that he cannot control his life.

To make you feel, you will not void slices maybe camouflage in a beautiful show, or in an excessively hard work, in gutting daredevil feats, show you stronger than you are, in fairytale dreams, a heroic stand, as a martyr, etc…… You know places you possible within strict standards and structures; you want very much, you’re going over your forces, until all your stun; It’s as if you think so you still get the love, and no longer love of before. 
The grief you weighs heavy. You live not really.

Aware from your solar Center; your anger is actually achieve yourself only impotence from a powerful I. You are not yourself it that offers what you need; a loving acceptance of yourself, as you are. Just like you yourself not really accepts, so would you like to change your surroundings. But know that your environment will change, only when first you another path!