Depression / anxiety

Depression and anxiety often go hand in hand. A description of the emotional background of this disease.

This description comes from the book by Christiane Babu. 

Anxiety and depression are signals to make a change in your life; you draw and you drags but to something ….. you desperately seeks something, a certain road or ambition, or a particular change in others, with your partner or at work and it succeeds time and again you do not……

Not all the benefits, it does not want to succeed. In this way do you hurting yourself; You shall seek to force something against the natural flow in, because you Want it so or so would like. But in fact, you are blind!

What you know so absolutely wish, maybe not at all as good for you; prevent your deepest beliefs that everything runs smoothly. Your way is probably quite anywhere else; time to let go and to widen your philosophy of life!

This period is intended to put you in touch with your deepest Self, to get rid of all fears and death: to get you to surrender to your live site and the signals in your area come to you to learn. Not happening ‘ just ‘; life is so beautiful in each other; find confidence in yourself, come to action in this direction that your deepest Self you via signals. 
Everything in the past has had its meaning: regret, guilt and anger will dissolve when you to a wide understand comes from reading itself.

Life is not a fatalistic, but also no forcing. Let everything loose and call in yourself the solution on; they will report, in response to the broadcast question. Trust, stubborn resistance to the beid no longer true life direction. Open yourselves; What is good for you and what you finally to happiness will take, egg sop advance rational difficult to estimate; Therefore, follow the signs of your body, from your environment, but above all the signals that your deepest Self you constantly forward. Follow your way self-conscious.