Eating disorder

We have different types of eating disorders. The one I would like to describe with a short text from the book of Christiane Babu is.

Anorexia Nervosa:

People with anorexia have a power struggle within himself to solve. When they are in their life certain situations of ‘ power and powerlessness ‘ meet, then this is the result of this inner struggle. It is as if the evil, cruel dictator wants to kill the child in himself in his soul. Self-destruction. 

Healing of Anorexia Nervosa means: this man leave the others loose and expect no love or attention more of him. He now donates life, love to himself. He feeds himself, because he himself holds. He is life in itself. 
He claims no claim to himself, nor to others, finds herself good and beautiful, without more, as he IS. with his/her appearance would he/she now no power on others take, nor attention to enforce his/her little self. 


Bulimia is common among women with an average body weight, which are fearful to thicken and still prefer to lose weight, no matter what their nature is, in order to meet a predetermined ideal. One desires a certain body shape, what life is absurd. Food and nutrition are an obsession. Depression will result from the fact that one refuses to still enjoy life, still actual living from the own heart. ….
Frenzied eats away parties (often the secret, because one has to feel guilty) alternate with starving, vomiting, swallowing laxatives or diuretics, the obsessed to sports. 

Where does Bulimia? The body asks for certain nutrients normally present in food where the spontaneous desire for. But ….. one is in, eat too little, even one opposes inner against eating from fear of being thicker (or for whatever reason). As a result, accepts the body these nutrients cannot arise not so that the sense of satiety. A feeling of hunger persists. 

The nutrients are not accepted by the body and the person recorded in the normal way because this power supply and what this food and these nutrients symbol, do not accept themselves.