Abuse can occur in many ways in your life. It can be applied to physical area however, it can also on psychological area.
What I notice when I get people in my practice who have undergone a form of abuse, that their energetic body made of loose their physical body. 
The earthen what is necessary in order to be able to process everything is a given which is very difficult.

People don’t come with both feet on the ground.
Of course you stand physically on the ground, however the energetic body may not fully sink in the physical body. And remains often hang out at an altitude that varies between 10 and 50 cm above the ground.

This is expressed often in cold lower legs or cold feet.

Earths to a physical or psychological abuse is a process, you can do this not so even. 
This is a process which sometimes can take your whole life.
Are you aware that it is so and don’t fight the fact that it cannot.
Accept your big fear of being fully in your body in to decline, that often helps you to get in your ‘ own confidence process ‘.
By coercion to impose there will be little or no movement in your process and block your only further.
With love and understanding, there will be some movement in your system slowly and slowly you will notice that the confidence in your physical body and the Earth comes back.

Again it is a process.

During a session we can watch where blockages are visible and fix them for you. However, see the styrofoam balls, and a bathtub with the top layer get your way and the next get the opportunity now oppressed balls to be visible and will show itself. Bit by bit you can clean up. As far as the body admits.
This can sometimes take a long time and sometimes it is so that you don’t have to go to the source in your present life. Accept this.