Yes bereavement who doesn’t know it. 
The unbearable pain that lingers at the loss of a loved one. Or also the unbearable pain when you lose you so important job for yourself. 
And also think equally to a separation. 
Bereavement is over all the loss of a loved one. 
Bereavement may have to do with the loss of a job or a move. 
Many forms are for.

And it is of course important why you sometimes suffer from so much. 
Because Yes you know you must forward and Yes you know you should not remain silent at……

Still, picking up your daily life sometimes a decent task…….

And how do you get this new day with this heavy burden then again by…….

This bereavement we go find where the underlying emotion to. Because Yes we are humans and we love often still unconscious so many where we haven’t thought of.

Together, we look for the emotions that play tricks and together we go in depth to source of sticking to search all emotions and selecting what you also like to have or want to. This quest is sometimes very easy and sometimes it is also quite a long way you should. But if you want it then it becomes visible and make the choice what you still need in the here and now……..