Suicidality / suicide

No one likes to talk about this subject, however, it is more often the order of the day than it is for.

What does this means for someone who not life more livable.

What does this means for the people who stay behind to a suicide, with a list of questions and the biggest question is often why………

No one can look in the logic of the other, no one can find out exactly what is in those other lives, then will be the person who walk around with this openness of knowledge. And that is often what happens when you that openness can give then there is also a solution. Unfortunately that openness is often not available and there is also no visible solution than for that person.

What this means in practice for me.
I would like to look to the people who walk around with this thought course or we can put the door ajar, or we can show the other side of thoughts and feeling. 

Of course and unfortunately I can not guarantee, you are as a human being is always responsible for the choices you make.

I can help you to understand things, things to learn to see, things to learn, experience and each time with your ‘ own ‘ choice of what you can and will. 

And all from love, from my heart, for which choice you know………..