energetic therapy

The Pearl of happiness can be found in the core of who you are.

(Anne marie Postma, The Deep Secret)

Many people walk years with all kinds of physical complaints and get the one medication after another prescribed and the side effects of the medication our bodies may develop also. And the complaints are thereby, unfortunately, all too often, only suppressed, not resolved. Then begins the next phase of our body to signals, if we suppress one signal we get a new one.

Until we even really go and see what our body really wants to tell us now. This is a quest where they are in the regular assistance unfortunately not be able to keep doing. Only if there is a tumor is discovered, then to the source. Only then is started with handle. Often with far-reaching consequences and medication.

I can indicate that the source often beyond our physical body. And the development is addressed in our physical part is our physical body. By find and fix the source to our physical body can recover. Because our cells are very well itself. The knowledge that a cell in House has its millions of years ago already composed and we forget for a moment that our bodies a very nice factory is that very, very many things yourself can, if the blockage that stops the healing.

Our body consists of elements, us Astral and causal body consists of elements. Only we often forget that these elements are needed to keep everything alive. Every vibration of this element is needed to keep balance. Think of it as a piece of music, as one note is not right you get all a weird sound, there are several nuts that are not correct then you get a track where your eardrums from jumping and not to hear. Everything has its own rhythm and also its own vibration.

By it on display so that the whole is, you get a nice balance. And now this vibration or high or low is not important at all, any correlation with total is important.

If you want to experience this experience, you are welcome.